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By admin

Special & Handsome

On 07, Mar 2012 | 968 Comments | In Books, Posters | By admin

I would love to be 70 years old and still revelant. This is incredibly modern, simple and powerful.





















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In Books

By admin

Nothing Like a Real Book

On 10, Jan 2012 | No Comments | In Books | By admin

I wish I could win one of those contests where you get to go in a store and gather as much as you can and keep it. Sort of like Supermarket Sweep for those who might be old enough to remember. My dream contest would be in a bookstore. I would fill my cart with all those super expensive art/architecture/design books. I love the books that Taschen, Chronicle Books and Rizzoli publish. Some of them are kind of big and heavy, I better start training before the contest. Maybe Hennessey+Ingalls Bookstore in California would have this ‘Bookstore Sweep’ contest..hint,hint.

I think this video shows how exciting bookstores really are.